Renewable Energy

Patented Advanced Gasification Technology

Why We Invest in Renewable Energy

Today, FAM and its managed funds oversee investments in 16 GW of green generation capacity – helping to provide a clean, sustainable and reliable source of energy for millions of households and businesses. With changes to our climate and continued growth in global demand for energy, we recognize the opportunity to transform how we produce and consume energy. That’s why we’re investing in the construction and operation of green energy projects to support the world’s transition to a new energy mix. Since making our first investment in renewables in 2005, Fourarces Asset Management (FAM) has established itself as a major investor in the sector.

Our Impact

How we work: helping to achieve a Net Zero future
We believe our proprietary and patented Advanced Gasification Technology sets the global standard. It reliably and sustainably converts the widest range of waste products into synthesis gas, which then can be applied to generate of the widest range of energy sources at commercial scale including electricity, heat, biofuels, synthetic natural gas and green hydrogen, from forestry, agricultural and industrial waste and refuse-derived fuel (RDF) produced from municipal solid waste (MSW). 
Even some toxic wastes unsuitable for other disposal methods are well suited for gasification. Unlike other approaches, the main purpose of our technology is the production of synthesis gas, without combustion, for further application processes, offering a much cleaner emissions profile.

Benefits: for partners, customers, investors & the planet

Highly Adaptable

Proven to sustainably convert nearly 40 types of waste.

Energy Efficient

69% more energy efficient when compared with incineration and insurable warranties offered on technology performance.

Proven Process

Producing the purest synthesis gas we know – a vital source of clean, efficient and sustainable energy and biofuels.

Low Emissions

Best emissions profile and lowest environmental impact: our process does not produce harmful, toxic emissions or hazardous waste such as dioxins, furans or fly ash. CO2 emissions are 25-30% less than alternatives.

Local Focus

Created with local support and built and operated with local labour, our goal is that our projects enhance local communities and champion local businesses.

FAM Development Corporation

Plants powered by FAM are designed and built by our highly experienced engineering team, with experts in end-to-end gasification process, control systems and equipment. The result is an integrated solution best suited for local feedstock, local requirements and local offtake options.

Plants are built in a modular and scalable way, supporting localised energy and biofuel generation. Both our track record (our first, commercial-scale plant was commissioned in 2015) and our pipeline evidence our commitment to quality delivery and sustainable operations.

Beyond deploying the best technology, we’re also committed to successful delivery of business cases, through a consistent application of best-in-class delivery methods and tools as well as working in an integrated way with our partners.

Generation Plant

Identifying Opportunity 
in Evolving Energy Market

Leveraging the deep technical and operational expertise across our platform, we target investments in green infrastructure, including in onshore and offshore wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, syngas, bioenergy and energy from waste projects. We assess investment opportunities across all stages of the project lifecycle – from development, to construction and operational assets. We also evaluate a range of opportunities to optimize the sale of the clean energy our assets generate.

A New Energy Future

We recognize the important role we can all play in helping to secure a new energy future – partnering with clients, governments and communities to support the development of energy networks that are ready to adapt and respond to our evolving needs.


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