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Our Insurance Solutions

As one of the world’s largest alternative asset managers, we saw an opportunity to drive efficiencies in the way insurance was purchased for assets across our investment portfolio. Leveraging the combined insurance spend of our-managed businesses, we delivered purchasing power benefits to our investment portfolio companies and began offering the same service to third party private equity and infrastructure funds. Today we’re one of the world’s largest insurance buyers, with an annual premium spend of over $600million.

Building Stronger Businesses

For more than 10 years, we’ve used our buying power to reduce the insurance spend of businesses around the world, helping to improve their coverage and providing leverage in the settlement of claims.

We’ve worked with more than 550 businesses to achieve significant savings in their insurance premiums – giving them greater confidence when settling claims and freeing up capital to grow their businesses.

Established Relationships

We’ve built relationships with partner insurers who offer highly competitive terms to our clients for any type of portfolio business, across any line of insurance.

Importantly, our clients are not required to change their broker. We work alongside existing brokers, using our strategic relationships with insurers, to ensure quotes from our partners are included as part of the renewal process.

The broker’s role is unchanged – we simply provide additional leverage through our partner insurers which include AIG, FTA, RIA and other specialty insurers.

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